• Dorotėja Būdaitė


We were expecting good, but we weren't expecting this... Andrius Dereviančenko (tenor sax), Gediminas Stepanavičius (double bass), Augustas Baronas (drums) aka A'DAMS TRIO... !!!YOU BLEW OUR MINDS!!! I mean... WOW.

We have to move Andrius Dereviančenko from Amsterdam to Vilnius and hear you three play again and again and again. Thank you!

However, our evening did not end there. After A'dams Trio we heard another artist. He gave us a masterclass in drums, even though he is only four years old, he knows how to play. Baronas is raising a great kid and a talented drummer.

Moreover, we had other after-hours guests. Today these singers are performing in Lithuanian National Philharmonic "WORLD MUSIC PROJECTS - world premiere and retrospective", but yesterday we had a chance to hear them at Spoon Out.


Spoon Out


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